Why I Shared my Pregnancy Early

First, I need to say this. Just because I shared my pregnancy early does not mean that I think every other mother and family should do so. Miscarriages are real, every family has their own way of doing things, and as the parent of the child, it is up to you when to share[Read more]

10 Week Bumpdate

It’s Monday so that means it’s bumpdate time! Each Monday of this pregnancy I will be posting a bumpdate about the previous week. So when you’re reading this (and all other bumpdates) I’m actually a week ahead of the post. It made sense to write the post at the end of each[Read more]

Here Comes Baby #2

Whaaaaat? Baby #2? Yep! Here are my pregnancy announcement and positive story. If you follow me on Instagram then this is already old news for you but if not, yes, you read the title right, I’m pregnant with baby #2! And yes, my husband and I are excited and looking forward[Read more]

Thankless homemaking?

The Thankless job of Homemaking I saw this article while scrolling through Facebook the other day. This article takes a (slightly grumpy) feminist and psychology-ish take on this blog post. They have a point, caring for the home generally falls on a mother’s shoulders and it is constant, but, of course, they[Read more]

Dear First Time Mom

Dear First Time Mom, I see you walking the baby aisles comparing the best diapers and wipes. I see you researching over and over and over again, and then starting all over when another mom tells you what they do about x, y, and z. I see you pinning post[Read more]

Chicken Noodle Veggie Stew

A totally improvised chicken and veggie stew-soup recipe. Follow this recipe or adjust it to your tastes. Your pantry is the limit! This week I was watching some Insta stories and was inspired by something The Healthy Grocery Girl posted on her Instagram. I shared this photo on my Instagram and she[Read more]

Postpartum Must Haves

Congratulations! You just had a baby! Whether it was a cesarean or vaginal birth, great job mama! Now that the baby is here, have you thought about your postpartum needs? Never fear, because here are some of my postpartum must-haves! *This post contains affiliate links Having a baby is hard work![Read more]

How to Keep Your Home Clean

Do you ever find yourself looking at your home and just feeling overwhelmed? Do you find yourself wondering how to keep your home clean and struggling to keep up with it? I’ve been there, heck, sometimes I’m still there. It really might seem like a silly question but I know[Read more]

Play with Baby: Easy DIY Musical Instruments

This DIY baby-friendly musical instruments post is part 4 of the Play with Baby series. Click here for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. And click here for bonus Earth Day/Spring crafts. My son loves music and I wouldn’t be surprised if he grows up to be a musician. I’ve[Read more]

Earth Day Toddler Crafts

It’s Earth Day! The day everyone stops and thinks a little more deeply about trees and garbage. 😉 To get your toddler excited about Earth Day (or to just fill the time and feel like a Pinterest mom) here are two ideas for some toddler-friendly Earth Day crafts. If you[Read more]